Abigail Reynold’s “Impulse & Initiative”*

Français : recadrage sur Darcy (portrait)


*Note:  The publisher has published this work under several titles.  In addition to Impulse & Initiative, you can find this work under the titles Rule of Reason, and To Conquer Mr. Darcy.


I love Abigail Reynolds.  She does an amazing job with her “what if” stories and this one is no exception.  While not my favorite of the series, I still really like the premise and the idea that underneath his stoic facade, Darcy is a passionate fool stopping at nothing to get Lizzy to marry him.  The story does have a rather implausible section, but since it fits within the context Reynolds has created, I don’t have a problem with it.  I especially like how Reynolds sketches Georgiana in this book.  It’s refreshing to see her as a strong (albeit shy) girl who is fiercely loyal to her brother.  Bottom line, this is a fun read and if you’re up for quite a bit of naughtiness, then you’d enjoy it.


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