Lost Finale Rant


WARNING:  This entry contains SPOILERS.  If you haven’t seen the show, please do not read.

Where to begin?

Disappointed? Check.

Pissed off? Check, check.

Feeling betrayed? Got a target with a picture of Damon & Carlton on it.

Really guys? REALLY? This is how you choose to end a show that has “changed the face of television” as we know it? What a load of crap. What a cop-out. What a bail. You just belittled everything – everything – we’ve watched for the last 6 years. And for what? Some cheap tear-jerker, happily ever after ending? Really??

For all the folks out there who are loving this whole “character driven” finale of Lost, let me ask you this: if someone who had never seen the show asked you LAST week what the show was about, what would you have answered? “Oh, it’s this great show about this doctor who has daddy issues and likes this girl who also likes this other guy …” OR, “It’s about this mysterious island where a plane crashes and the survivors all have weird connections to each other, flashbacks, time travel, polar bears …”

Yes, the show was definitely about the journey of these characters as they navigate through THE FUCKING ISLAND. The ISLAND was the star of the show people. THE FUCKING ISLAND. If these people had never crashed on this place with its magical, mystical powers, then their journey wouldn’t have even begun, let alone get to the point it did. If this is how they wanted to end the show, they could’ve done it at the end of S4 when the freighter showed up and according to Ben, the “war” started. They could’ve killed everyone, re-united them in their sappy sideways, purgatory crap world and been done with it. Why drag it out? Why bring up all the nonsense with moving the island and start that whole time travel thing? If Smokey was waiting to latch on to Locke, he could’ve done it then. Hell, he could’ve picked any body (okay, yeah, I get it … there was a minor point to his picking Locke).

Speaking of the damn sideways world, if these people created a world for themselves to wait until their true love showed up and they could be reunited with them (gag), I must say that they picked a very crappy one. Other than Hurley (and maybe Miles?), everyone else was still just as lost, confused and basically miserable as they were before. Personally, if I wanted to live in some sort of self-designed purgatory, I would’ve gone more in the direction of Defending Your Life vs. this bullshit.

There are SO many scenes I can reference that just didn’t fit the resolution in the finale that I don’t even know where to start. Let’s get one thing straight first: I’m not one of those people who expected every single question to have been answered. That wouldn’t have worked. And, some of the questions I really didn’t give a crap about. I actually feel that some of the questions they did answer this season were bogus. Dedicating an entire episode to Richard? Um … okay. Couldn’t care less. Belittling “bigger” questions like “what are the voices whispering in the jungle?” with simple, one sentence, shrug-of-the-shoulder answers like “oh, we’re tormented ghosts?” THAT’S belittling the viewers. I mean, if it was such an easy answer, why make such an issue out of it for SIX YEARS? But some questions DESERVED an answer, dammit.  If only because of the huge setup in earlier seasons.  Here’s a small, tiny, minuscule list:

1.  Why did Clair call Kate (in S4) and warned her not to bring Aaron back to the island?

2.  Actually, what’s the big deal with Aaron any way?

3.  And … Walt?

4.  Why are there still food drops for the Dharma Initiative 30 years after the fact?

5.  Why were Ben and Widmore such mortal enemies?

6.  Why did Jacob pick these random and utterly flawed people to replace him, but didn’t bother to have a contingency plan in place in case his brother WHO HE HAS KNOWN WAS AN EVIL JEALOUS ASSHOLE ALL HIS LIFE decided to mess everything up?

There are tons and tons of other questions which not only were not answered, but were completely dismissed as unimportant because apparently, “it’s all about character, stupid.” THAT’S my biggest fail point with the finale. They summarily dismissed things that THEY had made into huge deals for the past 5 years.

A few years ago, right after S3 I believe, the word on the street was that the writers had gotten with the network and asked for a definite end date for the show because they had it all mapped out and knew – KNEW – where it was headed. If this is what they had in mind, then the network got gypped but good. A friend of mine found this quote which sums it up perfectly for me: “Lost was a locked room murder mystery where the last chapter was the detective being reunited with his long-lost daughter instead of revealing who the killer was, why he killed and how he did it fits the evidence.”

I was never as emotionally attached to Lost as I am for example, to Battlestar Galactica (2003). Lost didn’t change my life and it didn’t affect me on a deep emotional level. It didn’t make me dig deep inside myself and question my humanity and my sense of self. It was a roller coaster ride. It was a magical mystery tour. It wasn’t a tug-at-your-heartstrings kind of show. Until Sawyer and Juliet, I never felt the need to root for any particular couple.  I never invested enough in the characters to the point of wanting to delve deep into their psyche.  The show was doing a good job of doing that on its own, I thought.  There was enough teasers, enough back stories to fill in the gaps for all the characters, and the one and only thing I was interested in was why they were all connected (yet another question that wasn’t really answered well at all). I invested in the mysterious, philosophical aspects of the show. And what did I get? A sappy romantic ending worthy of a Celine Dion song. Yes, it changed the face of television and then dragged it right back into the same predictable crap that most series finales feed the viewers. Fail. Big, major, ridiculously contrived, ratings-driven FAIL.

I’m sure if I continue to write this, I’ll come up with even more complaints, but I’m done. Just … done.


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